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Welcome at Gloor Instruments, one of the main equipment and service providers for material analysis, imaging and treatment. Gloor Instruments offers complete solutions for probes, electron and X-ray microscopy as well as Raman microscopy. We are on the market since 1976 and our main focus are our customers. What can we do for you?


  • Thursday, 30.04.2020 New generation of the alpha300 apyron with AutoBeam™ technology Absolutely precise, high-resolution, ultra-fast, extensively automated and extremely user-friendly - these are the attributes for apyron, the new top model of WITec's alpha300 Raman microscope series, briefly and concisely.
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  • Thursday, 27.02.2020 An electron microscope for the Technorama Help us to provide thousands of children and young people with an unforgettable experience and perhaps even ignite the initial spark for a career in science and technology.
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  • Monday, 06.01.2020 Now available - Coxem tabletop SEM New at Gloor - Tabletop SEM-EDX: Our equipment range is now supplemented by a tabletop REM-EDX. This product combines the easy handling and the space requirement of a light microscope with the analytical possibilities and the higher resolution of an electron microscope.
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